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AlertSite is the premier web site monitoring system.

Increase your web site availability and stop losing customers due to downtime.

AlertSite - Ensures that your web site and other Internet devices are available and performing optimally.

Real-time monitoring and notification services provide you with the ability to quickly respond to potential problems. Data collection enables you to measure and improve the quality of your web site.

Key Features:

  • Free Trial Membership - Risk-free, 30-day trial
  • Multiple Plans - Offers e-Personal, e-Lite, e-Business, e-Enterprise, e-Enterprise Global
  • Robust Monitoring Systems - Web, DNS, POP, SMTP, IMAP, FTP
  • Extensive Reporting - Dynamic and E-Mail (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • MultiPOP Monitoring - Simultaneous, time-synchronized from multiple, globally diverse locations
  • Business Transaction Monitoring - Login, Multiple Logins, Page Content, Redirects, Frames, Online Forms, Cookies, Credit Card Processing
  • Rapid Deployment - Intuitive, web-based interface
  • Remote Access - Remotely configure web site and review diagnostic data

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