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Use AltaVista, the premier knowledge resource on the Internet, to search the web.

AltaVista's search technology has consistently been the Internet's performance leader.


Pioneered as the first full-text search service in the world, AltaVista's proud tradition of search excellence is still reflected in the performance of every integrated content platform it offers. Search the AltaVista index or search for web pages, images, audio, video, and news.

Search Tips

Find helpful advice and tips on performing AltaVista searches.

Advanced Web Search

Learn how to build specific queries for more precise web search results.

Translation Tool

Use the Babel Fish translation tool to translate text or web sites.

Text-Only Search

Use a faster, graphics-free version of the AltaVista Web Search.

Webmaster Search

Find your web site pages in the AltaVista index and find pages that link to your web site.

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