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Awards - Page 21

Welcome to the Gallery of Web Site Awards for the Network Services & Consulting Corporation.

All Volunteer Yacht Club "This Site Floats" Award

February 12, 2002

3.0 Rating - Award Sites!

All Volunteer Yacht Club Award

"I have visited your site and found it more than worthy of the All Volunteer Yacht Club "This Site Floats" Award! It is clear that you have worked long and hard to put such a nice site on the web.  Your work on navigation and page layout, I'm confident, leaves with your visitors the perception that they are visiting a quality site." Jim Kearney

WDS Choice Business Site Award

February 11, 2002

WDS Choice Business Site Award

"You have won the WDS Choice Business Site Award from the Web Design Studio. This award is given to business sites which show outstanding presentation and style. You have created an impressive site that you can be proud of, we were impressed with your design work which reflects the professionalism your site shows." Tony/Web Design Studio

2002 Award of Triumph

February 9, 2002

2002 Award of Triumph

"After careful consideration, the judging staff at Triumph PC ONLINE is pleased to announce that your site has won our 2002 "Award of Triumph" for good overall design and execution! You should consider this both a great honor and a testament to your good taste and web design skills." The Staff at Triumph PC ONLINE

SNY Smart Site Award

February 7, 2002

2.5 Rating - Award Sites!

SNY Smart Site Award

The Smart Site Award has been created by for web sites showing excellence and imagination in web design, content, and navigation.

Heart Thoughts Silver Award

February 6, 2002

3.0 Rating - Award Sites!
Level 9.5 - WebsAwards

Heart Thoughts Silver Award

"I've just visited Network Services & Consulting Corporation and I'm pleased to inform you that your site earned enough points from Heart Thoughts for the Silver Award." Vicky Millard

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