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About Us connects great talent with great projects!

Let help you find the right job with the right company for a perfect job match. - The place to go when you want interesting, profitable projects and when you need resources to simplify your independent career. matches freelance candidates to jobs by assessing resumes, job skills, and work style.

Professional Categories:

  • Website Design / Website Marketing - Database/Ecommerce (Dynamic), Brochure (Standard HTML), Flash for Websites, Web Graphic (Banner Ad/Icon), HTML Email Newsletter, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing
  • Graphic Design - 3D Modeling, Ad Design, Annual Report, Billboard/Poster Display, Book/Video/Album/CD Cover, Brochure, CD-ROM, Direct Mail Piece, Flash Presentation, Industrial Design, Layout/Desktop Publishing, Logo/Business Card/Letterhead, Multimedia Animation (Non-Web), Packaging/Product Identity, PowerPoint Presentation, Video Presentation
  • Programming / Software / Database Development - Programming, Web Development/Programming, Database Design and Admin, PDAs and Handheld Devices, Wireless Programming, Game Programming, Telephony Software, Embedded System Design/Programming, IT Training, Quality Assurance, Other Technology Projects
  • Networking / Hardware / Telephone Systems - Networking-Computer/Server, Networking-Wireless, Routers/Firewalls/Security, Hardware-Computers and Servers, Telephone Systems
  • Business Consulting - Business Planning, Business Development, E-Business Management, Market Research/Planning, IT Project Management, Project Management, International Outsourcing, International Commerce, Operations Planning/Management, Controller/Administration, Human Resource Management (HR), Investor Relations Management, Training
  • Admin Support - Word Processing, Data Entry, Transcription, Event Planning, Secretarial Support, Office Management, HR/Payroll, Accounting, Paralegal, Legal Assistance, Medical Billing/Coding, Medical Transcription, Medical Secretarial Support

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