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InfoSpace Business Solutions

Learn about the InfoSpace Business Solutions that will make your business objectives a top priority.

Use customizable web offerings to promote your business brand and give your clients a better online experience.

InfoSpace Business Solutions

Enhance your business brand with customizable web offerings that provide your customers with an outstanding online experience and generate revenue to meet your business objectives.

Private-Label Search

Use the power of metasearch technology to build and enhance your brand, increase revenue, and improve the online experience of your clients. By offering better search results, you will increase the probability that customers will continue to search with your site and will maximize your revenue potential.

Private-Label Portal

Develop a unique, personalized portal solution for your business to improve customer relations and increase revenue. You can provide compelling content, valuable applications, and third-party premium services.

DNS Error Assist Service

Leverage metasearch technology and gain revenue due to web site traffic from mistyped URLs.  On receiving DNS errors, the error assist service provides an enhanced private-label search results page based on the term entered.  Keyword recommendation suggests keywords for mistyped domains to be further used to provide relevant related results.  Domain suggestion returns a list of possible relevant domain names. 

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