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Maximize your advertising investment by targeting customers who are actively seeking your goods and services.

Maintain a good return on your small business advertising budget!

Kanoodle - Offers many features to assist advertisers in maximizing and retaining a good return on their advertising investment.


  • Free Banners - Advertisers whose listings are among the top three results for particular search terms receive free banner impressions (25%, 15%, and 5% rotation respectively, with the balance divided equally among the remaining listings).
  • Referring Affiliate Program - Kanoodle offers a Referring Affiliate Program for users who would like to generate revenue by referring clients to Kanoodle.
  • Keyword Metric Tool - The Keyword Metric Tool allows clients to estimate how much volume they will receive on a certain keyword and how much that keyword will cost in the number one position.
  • Search Term Suggestion Tool - The Search Term Suggestion Tool allows clients to enter a keyword and receive a list of other keywords that contain the query.
  • Keyword Find Tool - The Keyword Find Tool uses WordTracker technology that allows clients to find related terms that can easily be added to their accounts.
  • Manual Account Suspension - Kanoodle allows its clients to temporarily suspend their accounts (while making changes to their sites or accounts).
  • Keyword Traffic Reports - Clients will receive Keyword Traffic Reports via email, and have the ability to retrieve the reports while logged into their accounts.

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