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The Open Directory Project (ODP) is a hierarchical web directory of Internet resources.  It is maintained by human editors who evaluate sites for inclusion in the directory.

Search the ODP Directory

You can search by entering keywords or by searching the index categories in the directory.

Learn about the ODP

Have you wondered what "dmoz" means? Learn what "dmoz" means and how it relates to the ODP as well as other helpful ODP information.

Submit a Site to the ODP

Want to submit your site to the ODP? Read the steps and submission policies for submitting a site.

View Sites Using ODP Data

See a list of web sites using ODP data.

View ODP Thumbshots - Small Business

View an example of a directory using ODP data with preview images (Thumbshots). The preview image for this web site (Network Services & Consulting Corporation) is also included in the ODP directory entries.

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