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Symantec Security Alerts

Stay updated on the latest computer virus security alerts, advisories, and tools from Symantec.

You can also search the Symantec database.

Symantec Security Alerts - World-class analysis and protection from viruses, threats, security risks, and vulnerabilities.

Security Response:

  • Top Threats - Stay updated on the latest severe threats.
  • New Threats - Listed by threat level, name, and date of discovery.
  • New Vulnerabilities - Security advisories listed by name and date.
  • Spyware & Adware - Latest security risks and Symantec's approach to detecting and fighting these risks.
  • Virus Definitions - Download virus definitions.
  • Security Updates - Download security updates for Symantec products.
  • Virus Removal Tools - Repair system infected by virus - tools listed chronologically and alphabetically.
  • Threat Database - Search the Symantec database for viruses and risks.

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