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Enhance Interactive

Start driving more targeted traffic to your web site with Enhance Interactive!

Enhance Interactive is now part of the new pay-per-click network, Marchex Adhere.

Enhance Interactive - A bid for placement search engine that provides the ability to drive targeted traffic to your web site for a fraction of the cost for traditional advertising.

There are no minimum monthly requirements at Enhance Interactive (formerly known as, and you can choose how much you want to spend and where you want your listing to appear.

Account Benefits:

  • Traffic - Choose the keywords that best fit your web site.
  • Targeted Results - Gain exposure for your listings in over 1 billion queries each month.
  • Branding - Increase brand awareness with the unique LogoLink program by placing your logo next to the advertisement.
  • Guaranteed Inclusion Service - Submit URLs that are guaranteed to be in the database of large search engines such as Excite, Dogpile, MetaCrawler, Verizon, and NBCi.
  • Budget - Control your spending with just $0.03 as your starting bid.
  • Support - Receive outstanding support from a superb client support staff and online account management system.

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