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Achieve success and advancement in your chosen career with IT certification.

Microsoft Certification

Microsoft certification is a leading credential that validates your experience and skills to keep you competitive in today's changing business environment. Transform your current skills into a meaningful career by adding Microsoft certification to your resume.

Novell Certification

Earn recognition and respect in the IT industry with Novell certification. The real-world certification requirements, performance-based testing, and quality reputation of certified professionals sets the Novell certification program as the global standard for the IT industry. Novell has now become part of Micro Focus.

Cisco Certification

Join the ranks of the elite! Cisco certification ensures high standards of technical expertise. Achieving Cisco certification at any level means joining the ranks of skilled network professionals highly respected in the industry.

Oracle Certification Program

The Oracle Certification Program (OCP) establishes a highly recognized standard of excellence in today's IT market. Select a certification path that best meets your career goals and aspirations.

Java Technology Certification

Increase your career development potential with Java technology certification! The Java technology certifications offered by Sun MicroSystems provide rigorous training and testing options to help ensure you possess the needed skills to advance in your career.


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