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CareerBuilder is the smarter way to find a better job!

Make your job search easier with job recommendations that match your career interests. - The nation's largest employment network and leading recruitment resource, allowing you to search locally and nationally for just the right job.

Now known as CareerBuilder, the companies of and combined two of the most respected names in online recruiting services.


  • Job Search - Quick Job Search (Keywords, City, State, Job Category) or Advanced Search (Date Posted, Degree Level, Employment Type, Salary Levels)
  • Multilingual Job Search - English, Spanish
  • Resume Posting - Showcase Multiple Skills (With up to 5 Resumes)
  • Advice & Resources - Career Assessment, Executive Recruiters, Salary Information, Resume Services, Resume Distribution, Interview Tips, Franchise Solutions, Freelance Opportunities, Career Coaching, Training, Continuing Education

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