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Affiliate Marketing

Do you know what is meant by affiliate marketing?

Read a short but clear explanation of affiliate marketing provided by Commission Junction.

Pay-for-Performance Drives Results

Affiliate marketing is any form of online advertising or marketing where the advertiser pays for results rather than paying to reach a specific audience. Publishers (affiliates) promote advertiser products or services on their Web site in exchange for a commission on leads or sales that result from the Web site visitor acting on these offers.

Commission Junction, an application service provider (ASP), is a third party network of advertisers and publishers that tracks, reports and measures all of these transactions, collects and distributes payments from each advertiser, and pays the publisher their monthly earnings in one aggregated payment.

Publishers can get started today for free by signing up online and get paid in one monthly paycheck for all the online partnerships they develop through Commission Junction.

Advertisers pay only for performance - sales or referrals - instead of paying up front for advertising.

Commission Junction is the leading affiliate marketing solutions provider. Learn more about our global service today.