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Telephone Tips

Gain helpful advice on choosing toll free or regular telephone numbers for your business.

Toll Free Number or Regular Number

by Kevin Nunley

A toll free number can pull in lots of prospects and customers for you. Many folks are impressed that you are big enough and care enough to offer them a toll free way to reach you. If there are several businesses listed, most people will first call the business with a toll free number.

The price of long distance calling has been dropping for years. I recently asked several small businesses how much they paid each month for their toll free lines and the answers were surprisingly low. There are even programs where you can get your toll free number at no-charge if you refer new customers to the phone company.

On the other hand, you many NOT want a toll free number. You may want to cut down on all the calls you get and spend more time with really serious customers who are ready to buy.

A regular number can help weed out people who aren't really interested. I've found that people who want free information call my toll free number, but customers who want to place an order NOW tend to call the regular number.

Toll free or regular number--the one you choose to use most depends on what kind of prospects you are looking for.

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