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Welcome to the Gallery of Web Site Awards for the Network Services & Consulting Corporation.

Mesweet's Bronze Award

June 30, 2001

4.5 Rating - Award Sites!
5 Stars - Paris Excellence Awards Club

Mesweet's Bronze Award

"Congratulations to you on winning one of Mesweet's Awards. I found your site resourceful and especially liked your Reading Room. I appreciated the ease of navigation and applaud you for creating an informative site." D. Sharp

Casey's Celtic Charm Bronze Award of Excellence

June 20, 2001

3.5 Rating - Award Sites!
3 Stars - Paris Excellence Awards Club

Casey's Celtic Charm Award of Excellence

"Your effort and dedication shine throughout your pages. You are most deserving of many accolades, and for making the World Wide Web a much better and nicer place for us all....Congratulations on such a fine web site." W. Russell

Ladyses Bronze Award of Excellence

June 18, 2001

3.5 Rating - Award Sites!
3 Stars - Paris Excellence Awards Club
2 Stars - German Top Awards International

Ladyses Award of Excellence

"Your site has been evaluated based on navigation, design, purpose, content, originality, creativity, programming style and knowledge, graphics and overall impression. Very well organized and nice color scheme." S. Staten

Star Site Bronze Award

June 17, 2001

Team Creations

"Our Germany and USA Team Creations staff performed a complete website evaluation consisting of loading speed, use of graphics, links, theme and overall layout. Your site scored very well and we are pleased to present you our Star Site Award...." R. Peitz

Ozz Accolade Badge

June 9, 2001

Ozz Accolade Award

"When people see this Badge...I want them to know that the a friendly place, a place where you will feel welcome as an equal, a place of quality, in honour, kindness, and sincerity, no matter what your standing in life." P. Gallagher

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