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Welcome to the Gallery of Web Site Awards for the Network Services & Consulting Corporation.

2002 Gold Cup Site of the Month Award

February 21, 2002

2002 Gold Cup Site of The Month Award

"You have won the coveted Gold Cup Award. Your site is a shining example to the world, and you should be proud to display this award." The Gold Cup Award Team

Pursuit of Excellence Award

February 18, 2002

2.5 Rating - Award Sites!
Level 7 - WebsAwards

Pursuit of Excellence Award

"I have thoroughly reviewed your site and have found it to be worthy of the Pursuit of Excellence Award." Susan Allred

2002 FrogandToad Web Design Award

February 15, 2002

2.5 Rating - Award Sites!

2002 FrogandToad Web Design Award

"The Excellence award considers sites for interest, content and quality. We recognize that many hours and days of hard work go into creating a site often out of a love of a subject or area." The FrogandToad Award Team

Wowgraphics Useful Site Award

February 14, 2002

3.5 Rating - Award Sites!
Level 9 - WebsAwards
2 Stars - German Top Awards International

Wowgraphics Useful Site Award

"Congratulations on your website, after having visited a few times I think it well deserves the Wowgraphics Useful Site Award. It's well structured, has a pleasant and fitting design and is easy to navigate. And, most important for this award, it offers a lot of useful information." Siggi

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