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Is Your Web Site Getting Cluttered?

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

If you've had a web site for more than two months, there is a good chance it is becoming cluttered. Online business moves quickly. New opportunities are added. You find you need more copy to answer a customer's questions or properly sell your product or service. After a while your pages get crammed with too much stuff. And that can be confusing for hurried customers.

The problem is, we see our web site so often we don't realize how confusing it can be to those who are looking at it for the first time. It pays to have a friend or customer take a look at your site and let you know if the content is overwhelming or confusing.

Make sure your web site opens with a clear message about what you provide for customers. What are the most important couple of benefits you give to customers? Make sure that is clear right from the beginning.

Divide the topics in your site into similar categories. Move most of the information off to secondary pages. You can provide a link to your other pages from the opening page. Make sure the link has a description of what the reader will find. Include a few compelling reasons for the reader to click.

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