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Entrepreneur Resources

Find news, information, advice, and resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur News

Keep updated on the latest news for entrepreneurs by reading the daily Entrepreneur News headlines.

Go to for resources designed to help you start and grow your own business.

Guide to Online MBA in Entrepreneurship

Online business programs can offer the same rigorous course load and benefits of their brick-and-mortar counterparts while also providing the ability to shape the curriculum around the student's schedule. This gives the entrepreneur the freedom to pursue the dream of becoming his/her own boss.

Maryville University School of Business

Maryville University School of Business has published a very detailed data visualization describing new emerging marketing fields and the skills needed to dominate the constantly evolving e-commerce and digital media landscape.

Career Paths in Business

Students pursuing business degrees have numerous options in choosing a specialization that will best fit their strengths and preferences. Go to to learn about these options.

Resources and Tools for Business Students

Motivated college students take the time to educate themselves about their majors and prospective careers, including networking with the right people and finding helpful resources that they can use in preparation for the future. Find up-to-date, accurate, and pertinent information to help you along the way to a career in business at the Affordable Colleges Online web site.

Small Business Loans

Visit this United Kingdom (UK) web site to learn about small business loans accessible to small businesses located in Europe.

Guides for Starting and Maintaining an LLC in Any State

These in-depth guides cover everything entrepreneurs need to know when properly starting and maintaining an LLC in any of the fifty (50) states of the United States.

Resources for Female Entrepreneurs and Women-Owned Businesses

Find a list of resources for female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. It includes resources on funding and grants as well as a quick overview of getting started with a woman-owned business.

The Wall Street Journal Online

The Wall Street Journal Online is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs. Find continuous news, updates, market analysis, industry resources, and much more., the web site for Inc. magazine, provides resources for entrepreneurs. It has advice, tools, and services to help business owners and CEOs start, manage, and grow their businesses more successfully.

Go to, the leading business to business (B2B) directory, for startup services and entrepreneurial resources.

Self-employment - What to Know to be Your Own Boss

This article can help you decide whether self-employment is for you. The first section describes some of the rewards and challenges of becoming your own boss. The second section presents data to highlight occupations that have many self-employed workers. The third section discusses how to become self-employed.

FormSwift - Business Formation Guide

Small business owners have to compare the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating a business. The Business Formation Guide is designed to help them weigh the advantages, costs, and limitations of forming and incorporating a business by comparing the most common forms of incorporation.

FormSwift - Sample Business Plans

Each Sample business plan at include a free downloadable infographic and an outline of the core elements of a successful business plan. The five categories of business plans include Bakery, Restaurant, Salon, Personal Training, and Trucking.

FormSwift - An Essential Guide to SWOT Analysis

The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats) Guide is a methodological tool designed to help companies and workers optimize performance, maximize potential, manage competition, and minimize risk. This guide to SWOT analysis at is concise and easy to read.

LLC Formation Guides

Read these comprehensive guides for starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC), offering easy-to-understand and jargon-free information that simplifies the steps to forming an LLC in the United States.

Entrepreneurship Guide

An online MBA in entrepreneurship is geared toward people who want a thorough graduate education and have an interest in starting their own business.

22 Small Business Tips

Getting a new business off the ground can be quite a challenge. Read about 22 Small Business Tips (witten by Tomas Laurinavicius at SimplifyLLC) that will help any small business owner.

How to Write a Business Plan (Like a Pro)

How to Write a Business Plan (Like a Pro) is one of the comprehensive and up-to-date finance and business-related articles at Finimpact.

Library Science Degrees

Library Science Degrees is an online resource dedicated solely to library and information science, education, and careers. Comprehensive guides have been developed for students and professionals interested in furthering their education in a different degree program.

Women-Owned Business Marketing Guide

The Women-Owned Business Marketing Guide at Vendasta offers female entrepreneurs assistance in acquiring customers in many topics, including getting a women-owned business certified, marketing as a women-owned business, understanding what a digital reputation means for a women-owned business, and networking opportunites for a women-owned business.

How to Start an LLC

Learn all you need to know about starting an LLC (Limited Liability Company). This article includes a comparison between different business structures and covers every U.S. state.

How To Write a Business Plan

Learn how to write a business plan for your small business. Starting a business requires a solid plan. Think of your business plan as the map you will use to guide you through each stage of starting a business.

Contractor Licensing Requirements - United States

Learn about the specific contractor licensing requirements for your state.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Real Estate Agent

Real estate is an unpredictable industry where the stakes are high but it is very rewarding to help someone become a home owner in today's competitive job market.

How to Become a Certified Event Planner

Learn how to become a certified event planner by researching the education requirements, training information, and experience required for starting a career in event planning.