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Computer Books

Learn about Internet resources for computer books.

Find a wide selection of computer books to increase your technology expertise. - Computers & Internet provides a vast amount of books related to computers and the Internet. Topics include certification, databases, graphic design, hardware, Microsoft, networking, operating systems, programming, software, web development, and more.

Cisco Press

Cisco Press is a leader in self-study resources for both networking professionals and students. Find a wide selection of books on Cisco certification, self-study guides, and network technology learning.

Microsoft Press

Go to Microsoft Press for books that will enable you to get the most from Microsoft tools, technologies, and programs. provides computing books on computer graphics, computer science, hardware, Internet and world wide web (WWW), office productivity, operating systems, and personal computing.

If you are intimidated or confused by computers, is the place for you! Find a wide selection of helpful guides on both everyday computing (handheld computing, hardware, multimedia, office productivity software, and operating systems) and advanced computing (certification, databases, networking, and programming).

Barnes & Noble - Computer Books

Find an excellent selection of books on Computing & Technology at the online site of Barnes & Noble. Topics include Applications & Software, Certification & Training, Computer Science, Databases & Information Management, Enterprise Systems, Graphics & Design, Hardware, Networking, WWW & Internet, Operating Systems, and Programming.

O'Reilly Books

O'Reilly books have long been the information source of choice for technology professionals. These popular books with animals on the covers occupy a treasured place on the shelves of Information Technology (IT) professionals everywhere. Add them to your own geek library.