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Order Forms

Learn about the value of using your order forms to market your business.

Market With Your Order Form

by Kevin Nunley

Most customers have very busy lives and don't always remember what they did and where. When I worked in radio, we were often stunned to learn people often couldn't remember which station they won a prize from.

The same goes for customers. People may buy from you, then forget who they bought from just a few weeks later. That is a real problem if you are depending on word of mouth (which you should!).

Put your logo bright and bold on every one of your order forms. Make sure your name is stamped onto your customer's memory at the time of the sale.

Some smart business people turn their order form into a brochure. They include an ad and a full list of their products and services. The order form is on the final page. The brochure also gives you space to include a coupon for the next purchase.

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