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The eNetSC eZine

February 2003 Edition

What's New

Welcome to The eNetSC eZine.

The key additions and updates to our web site include:

- Business Tax Software
- Accounting Software
- Dell
- Iomega
- Bizhosting
- Software Oasis
- Oracle E-Business Suite
- Job Search Resources
- Half Price Computer Books
- Small Business Resources
- Accounting & Tax Resources

The eNetSC eZine
Sandra Wenzel, Editor

Hints & Tips

Are you using a toolbar? With so many toolbars available, which one do you prefer?

My preference is the Google Toolbar that can be used with Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can quickly install it, and it is easy to customize.

The Google Toolbar is available free of charge and includes Google search, Google's PageRank, web page info, search term highlighting, word find, and more. Once installed, it appears along with the Internet Explorer toolbar and allows you to use Google to search from any web site location without returning to the Google site.


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Free Greeting Cards

Brighten up someone's day with an e-card from the selection of Free Greeting Cards we have provided for you.

Programming Books

View our list of recommended Programming Books for computer programmers.

Currency Converter

Quickly find exchange rates with an online Currency Converter.

Job Search Articles

Read our new selection of Job Search Articles on a variety of topics, including interviews, resumes, cover letters, and job search.

Travel Resources

Planning a trip? Check out our collection of global Travel Resources to help you plan your next trip quickly and easily.

Free Tutorials

Expand your technical skills with online Free Tutorials and stay competitive in the IT marketplace!

Tax Resources

It's tax time again! Our Accounting & Tax Resources will help you get started.