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Free E-Mail

Learn about the popular web-based e-mail options as well as other free e-mail products, services, and resources.

Get your own free web-based e-mail account today.


Hotmail is the world's largest provider of free web-based e-mail. Messages and attachments are stored on MSN Hotmail servers so you can access your mail from any location via a browser.

MSN Hotmail - Get Free E-mail

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is accessible world-wide, and it is easier to use than traditional client/server e-mail. No client software is required, only a web browser.

Yahoo! Mail - Free Web-Based E-Mail

Google Gmail

Gmail makes e-mail easy and efficient. With this free e-mail you get less spam, search capability, built-in chat, mobile access, plenty of storage space, HTTPS encryption, and more.

Google Gmail