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Free Stock Ticker

Looking for a free stock ticker for your desktop? You have come to the right place.

Download and customize a free stock ticker now.

The free stock ticker is easy to use and full of great features. It can be downloaded from the Download section. You will also find a very helpful FAQ section. The only requirement is an Internet connection. The software does not require a lot of space or CPU processing.

New features include choosing from two providers (Yahoo! Finance or MSN Money), color scheme changing, adjusting size and scroll speed, storing up to three custom streams, and more!

It is very easy to customize the stock ticker with your own choice of stock symbols. Just right-click on the ticker and use Stock Symbol Selection to enter the stock symbols that you would like to display.


The stock ticker is small and easy to use. It has a right-click menu with options. You can change the size, color, scrolling speed, stock symbols, and more!

After you download the free software, install the ticker and create a desktop icon. The installation process will create a desktop icon and also provide a menu in your Programs folder with both launch and uninstall shortcut icons.

If you want to automatically start CoolTick when you start your computer, simply drag the desktop icon to your Startup menu folder.

The free version of the ticker is fully functional for two stock symbols. You can pay a shareware fee to get the full version which supports as many symbols as you want.