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Microsoft FrontPage

Use Microsoft FrontPage to create, control, and manage your web site.

Microsoft FrontPage is a web site creation, design, and management tool to help you build exactly the site you want.


The Microsoft Office web site creation and management program.


  • Web Site Design - Remote site view, dynamic web templates, interactivity, browser resolution and reconciliation, layout tables, cell formatting
  • Web Site Creation - Customizable themes, automatic web content (MSN search, Expedia maps, MSNBC daily headlines), paste option, photo gallery, background spell checking, enhanced drawing tools
  • Coding Features - Split views, quick-tag selector and editor, professional coding and scripting tools, HTML optimization, built-in accessibility checking
  • Web Site Editing - WYSIWYG mode, optional HTML source reformatting, Notepad-like HTML, buttons, menu options, XML formatting
  • XML Data-Driven Features - Connecting data sources, creating and formatting data views, connecting multiple data sources, using web services
  • Productivity Features - Hit counters, marquees, hover buttons, navigation bars, e-commerce functionality
  • Web Site Management - Usage analysis reports, performance reports, form data collection, database interface wizard
  • Teamwork - Team members contribute content, share documents, participate in surveys and discussions

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