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Geek Resources

Learn about geek resources on the Internet.

Find a helpful collection of information about geeks, nerds, and techies.


A geek is defined as a person who is fanatically interested in computers. While the term was once used to describe a socially inept person, it has now become more of a compliment to describe a person very knowledgeable about computers. Not sure if you are a geek? Read a helpful, informative article about geeks.


Are you a geek or a nerd? Geek and nerd are often used interchangeably and considered to be synonymous terms. Read a collection of Internet information about nerds at


Techie is a term derived from the word technology that describes a person who displays a great interest in technology and high-tech devices, including computers and technical gadgets. Techies like to stay on the leading edge of technology and usually express a disregard for any technology that could possibly be considered obsolete. Geeks and nerds are usually considered to be techies although many techies do not consider themselves to be geeks or nerds, possibly due to the past negative connotations for those terms.


Did you know that anorak is a slang expression for geek or nerd? Learn about this British slang expression.

T-Shirt - History

True geeks love t-shirts! Read a very interesting article on the history of the t-shirt at Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.

Geek Gear

Looking for geek gear to let everyone know you are a geek? Find great geek apparel, accessories, and other merchandise to let everyone know that you are a geek.

The Techie Shop

If you do not have a geek beanie, you can just wear a geek beanie design! Shop at The Techie Shop for geek beanie designs and other techie designs.

The Geek Test

How do you rank as a geek? Take The Geek Test, a comprehensive test to determine your level of geekiness. In addition to the English version, you will find foreign language versions of the test.

How nerdy are you? Take a test at! You will be given a score plus a nifty graphic and link to display your nerd score.

Wired News

Stay updated on the latest news and information for geeks, techies, and nerds at Wired News. You will also be able to read the online issue of Wired Magazine, a monthly technology magazine, as well as past issues.

Technology Review

Learn about the impact of emerging technologies at Technology Review. As an enterprise of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it strives to be one of the world's best sources for providing information about the social impacts of emerging technologies.

Technology News

Stay updated on the latest technology news from around the world in the Technology Section of the international news at the BBC World Service.