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Setting Up Your Home Based Business Office

by Shelley Lowery

If you are going to own and operate a home based business, having your own office is an important part of your success. Although you could work at your kitchen table, this should be a last resort, as having your own space will enable you to separate your home from your business.

It is important that you have space that is conducive to work. Setting up your home office in your living room isn't conducive to getting work done. You will also find that finding time to relax or time for your family is impossible if you are surrounded by your work, and time for work will be impossible if you are surrounded by your family and distractions, such as the television.

So, what does your home office need? Let's take a look.

Office Desk and Chair

You will spend a lot of time sitting in that chair, and working at that desk. The more spacious and comfortable it is, the better off you are. You may be forced to start with a small desk and a cheap chair in the beginning, but you should upgrade as quickly as possible. The chair is especially important, in terms of comfort.

There are numerous options when it comes to a desk, but your desk should have room for your keyboard, a place for your printer, storage space for disks, room for your monitor, and of course space to write and such.


The computer that you've used to surf the web and send and receive email probably isn't powerful enough to run a business. You need a powerful computer, but you also need a computer that is suitable for upgrades in the future, as technology changes. Purchase your computer from a well-known company, and be sure to purchase the extended warranty.

Office Equipment

This equipment includes a printer, a scanner, a digital camera, and a fax machine. You may not actually need all of these things for your business, but you should consider your options carefully, and when you're ready to purchase, ensure that the products are high quality, so that they last for a long time.

When it comes to printers, you essentially have two choices - a laser printer or an ink jet printer. If you will be doing a lot of professional printing, you may want to purchase a laser printer. However, if you want a printer for everyday use, such as printing documents and pictures, an ink jet will do nicely. Either way, make sure that you can print in black and white as well as in color.

Also consider the fact that there are all-in-one systems that enable you to print, fax, copy, and scan, and for many business owners, this is the most logical and cost effective choice. You will be amazed at how much a scanner comes in handy. It will enable you to scan documents and photographs. With a fax machine, you will be able to send and receive faxes, and in today's business world, that is vital.

Digital Camera

A digital camera may seem optional, but in most cases, it really isn't. Having a digital camera will enable you to take your own photographs for use on your web site, such as a picture of you, or your products. What's more, there is no film to buy, and no development costs, as you can transfer your pictures from your camera to your computer quite easily.


Ideally, you will have a separate telephone line for your business. Most people don't realize the importance of this. It isn't a matter of professionalism; it is a matter of keeping your sanity. Your phone line will need voicemail, and this will take care of calls that are received during your personal hours. You also won't have to worry about the line being tied up with personal calls.

Filing Cabinet

You will definitely need a filing cabinet. Your business may be an Internet Business, but that doesn't mean that you won't have offline files. You should have hard copies of everything, and set aside time either daily or weekly to neatly file things away. You should keep hard copies of receipts, contracts, tax information, and other business records.

Office Supplies

Finally, you will need miscellaneous supplies, such as pens and pencils, a pencil holder, a pencil sharpener, business cards, note pads, envelopes, stationary, address book, paper and ink for the printer, and of course tablets for those many headaches you will experience.

Make your office space private, and make it a place that you will feel comfortable spending a great deal of time in. While it isn't necessary to decorate the home office, it does help to make it a warm and inviting place to do business.

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