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Independent Homeworkers Alliance

Learn about home employment job opportunities at the Independent Homeworkers Alliance web site.

The Independent Homeworkers Alliance (IHA) is the leading telecommute jobs site, catering to all kinds of kinds of telecommuting employment.

Independent Homeworkers Alliance

Organization dedicated to helping people prosper in the home workplace environment. It provides job listings, advice, news, and other valuable career resources.

Membership Benefits:

  • Gain instant access to more than 2,500 jobs in the world's largest database of at-home jobs.
  • View hundreds of new jobs posted weekly.
  • Search the home-employment database for the hidden job market in multiple areas, including medical support transcription, medical support coding, clerical, data entry, sales, marketing, freelance photography, freelance writing, web design, and graphic design.
  • Get resume advice from job search experts.
  • Browse a virtual library of e-books on web site building, marketing, writing, and working at home.