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Enhance your Internet search with powerful InfoSpace search options and metasearch products.

InfoSpace search services are integrated to work together and complement each other, allowing you to perform a search for web sites, images, video, news, businesses, and people.

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Perform your Internet search with the powerful searching capabilities of InfoSpace. Search for web pages, images, video, news, businesses, and people.


Created by InfoSpace, Dogpile is powered by metasearch technology. It provides the best results from leading search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.


The InfoSpace product, MetaCrawler, utilizes metasearch technology to compile results from many of the major search sites on the Internet. By accessing multiple search engines for each query, it provides more comprehensive and relevant results than if you searched a single search engine.


WebCrawler is a registered trademark of InfoSpace. Inc. It is the Internet's first full text search engine using metasearch technology to provide a comprehensive set of results from the leading search engines. WebCrawler provides search results from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, and other popular search engines.