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InfoSpace Business Solutions

Learn about InfoSpace solutions that will make your business objectives a top priority.

Use customizable web offerings to promote your business brand and give your clients a better online experience.


Custom solutions are designed to meet your unique business needs, get you started quickly, and grow with you.

Custom Solutions:

  • Web Search - Delivery of highest revenue per search for a global network by collaborating with the largest brands in search and tailoring the results to meet unique needs of customers.
    • Maximize Revenue Opportunities - Use an extensive tool set of search options and paid advertising placements.
    • Private Label Search - Use your own brand to match your unique business look.
    • Hosted Solution - Gain more revenue with less cost and earn revenue share on every paid click when InfoSpace hosts your search results page.
    • Comprehensive Search Tool Kit - Utilize a vast array of helpful tools, including web site match, predictive text, spell suggest, specialty vertical search, related searches, plus direct and programmed answers.
  • LinkFuel - Contextual advertising solution that uses content from the entire page to display highly relevant linked search ads from the Bing Network.
    • More Revenue - Machine learning and built-in A/B testing optimizes keywords and ad unit design.
    • Brand Image Protection - Display only highly relevant ads that complement your page content and never display clickbait content.
    • Dedicated Partner Management - Experience hands-on service.