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Job Bank Posting

Learn about the effective use of job banks in your job search strategy.

Job Bank Posting: Needle in a haystack approach to marketing yourself, or one of the best strategies since networking?

By Teena Rose, Career Writer, Resume to Referral

Technology has grown in leaps and bounds - even the resume industry has been transformed with the introduction of various job-search conduits, such as online recruiters, headhunters, and job banks.

Like many employment agencies, job banks have seen a significant growth spurt in the last 10 years. I think I can safely say there are 1,000s of job boards containing the descriptions of open positions located locally, nationally, and internationally.

Job banks may seem intimidating to some, but in reality, they are no more than a fat section of help wanted ads in the Sunday newsletter - online.

Many job banks also possess a resume submission area, allowing a document to be available online and searchable by keywords and key phrases.

Taking it one step further, these same job banks have incorporated "job sleuths" into their script programs. Jobs matching your skill set, target area, and/or salary requirement are automatically submitted by e-mail account for your review and action.

An increasing number of recruiters are focusing themselves within a niche market; and because of this, a rising number of industry-specific job banks have emerged. Finding job banks serving the information technology, sales, health care, and manufacturing industries (among others) are more common today than even 10 years ago.

Job bank results can vary upon a number of variables:

... Visibility of the job bank

... Keywords / key phrases contained in the resume

... Jobseekers current industry and position

... Requirements for target position (i.e. some companies seeking medical sales professionals require a minimum of 18 months sales experience)

A number of resume writers now advertise "keyword strong" documents, catering to technological advancements.

Posting to job banks can be an added approach to your job search, but shouldn't replace the tried-and-true results produced from networking.

Teena Rose is a certified resume writer, interview professional, and a credentialed career master. Select resumes have been published and featured within print publications and are being used to set industry standards. Mrs. Rose assists job seekers regardless of industry and magnitude of experience - even those with career blemishes.