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Niche Marketing

Learn how to focus on a niche market for selling your products and services.

Find the Right Audience For Your Offer

by Kevin Nunley

Why does advertising NOT work? Why do some products and services fail to sell as much as they should? Usually it is because the offer did not reach the right audience. No matter what you are selling, there are thousands of people who would buy immediately if they only knew about you.

Reaching the right audience can be difficult. If you have been in business very long at all, you have probably placed a few ads that didn't bring in response. Perhaps you placed the same ad in a second publication that flooded your email and telephone with inquiries.

Here's how to determine the audience media attracts: For larger media--like radio, TV, and daily newspapers--you can use ratings info to zero in on the audience a media outlet reaches. This information is sometimes published in the newspaper and is always available through the respective trade publications of various media (check your local library.) Check SRDS Media Solutions.

You can also get ratings info from ad agencies, media sales departments (take 'em with a grain of salt), and by striking up a conversation with someone in media.

For Internet and print publications, determine the audience they reach by looking at the kinds of articles they carry. If you see a lot of how-to business tips (like in this publication) you can bet they have a big audience of innovation-oriented entrepreneurs.

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