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Metasearch Engines

Learn about metasearch engine resources available on the Internet.

Use metasearch engines to help you quickly and efficiently search for important information.


Startpage (originally Ixquick Metasearch) is a very powerful metasearch engine. Its unique capabilities include power search, global search, and refinement to provide more comprehensive, accurate search results. It is noted for maintaining the privacy standards of the European Union.


Dogpile was developed to give users the best search results available on the Internet by searching multiple search engines and retrieving the best combined results. It will quickly provide you with search results from the best search engines.


Metacralwer was developed via a project at the University of Washington and was an essential landmark in the development of semantic search.


DuckDuckGo is a metasearch engine known for its stance on privacy. Get free, seamless privacy protection by switching to DuckDuckGo.