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Marketing Campaigns

Learn about the value of directing your marketing campaigns at techies who will recommend your products and services.

Get LOTS of New Customers FAST!

by Kevin Nunley

Where can you get lots of eager customers fast? Start by directing your marketing at techies and enthusiasts. These are people who take real pleasure from being the very first to use something new.

Techies (and I use the word loosely to include super-enthusiasts in any field) LIKE to read the manual BEFORE they try the product. You know the techie in your group. It's the person you call when you can't hook up your VCR, get your modem to work, or your new car stereo installed.

Techies often don't have a lot of money, but they do influence lots of other people. When the techie says your product is good, many others follow.

The best way to reach techies early in your marketing campaign is to start word-of-mouth. Give away early versions of your product or service. Encourage super enthusiasts to spread the word to everyone they know. Add lots of impressive features.

Harness the promotion muscle your project deserves to get noticed. For an all-out marketing attack, see Kevin Nunley's powerful marketing strategies and ideas at Reach him at