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Google Advertising

Learn about Google advertising programs for both advertisers and web publishers.

Use Google's advertising programs, AdWords and AdSense, to maximize your sales and revenue potential.

Google Advertising

Whether you are seeking to connect with customers searching for what you sell or seeking to earn more revenue from your small business web site, Google has the advertising program for you.

Advertising Options:

  • AdWords

    • Reach people searching online for your products or services.
    • Fully control your advertising budget.
    • Easily create and edit your advertisements.
    • See your advertisements on Google within minutes of creating them.
    • Define your own advertising target area by choosing specific countries, territories, or cities.
    • Monitor the success of your advertising campaign with online reporting tools.
    • Utilize the free training at the AdWords Learning Center to sharpen your knowledge of AdWords advertising.
  • AdSense

    • Display relevant text and image advertisements that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content.
    • Gain access to thousands of advertisers.
    • Earn revenue from a Google search box on your site.
    • Use filters to only show appropriate advertisements.
    • Once approved, start displaying advertisements within minutes.
    • Customize the appearance of advertisements by choosing from a wide range of colors and templates.
    • Track your earnings with reporting tools that allow you to group your web pages and view results by URL, domain, advertisement type, and category.