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Public Speaking

Learn how to use public speaking to promote your business.

Market With Public Speaking

by Kevin Nunley

Giving talks and lectures is a great way to build your reputation and get your name around. Most lectures are given at lunch or dinner meetings, trade associations, professional societies, or for civic, community, and business groups. The best place to speak is anywhere that potential clients may be attending.

The topic you choose to speak on should be directly related to your business. It should not be a sales pitch for your services, however. Your lecture should provide the audience with interesting and useful information on the topic. By giving the audience good advice, you are considered an expert in your field.

Don't feel that your lecture must be entertaining or funny. It is more important that your presentation be clear and informative. Just be yourself and speak in a relaxed, natural manner.

Most presentations are around fifteen to thirty minutes long, and then with extra time for questions and answers. Practice your speech at home to make sure that it fits in the time that you have. Audiences hate it when speakers run over the time limit.

Public speaking allows you to make contact with people on a more personal level. You make a greater impression than you can through mail, email, or even on the phone. People get to hear, meet, and shake hands with you.

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