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Business Buyers

Gain helpful advice on how to create marketing information for business buyers or consumers.

How Business Buyers Are Different From Consumers

by Kevin Nunley

Most of the advertising and marketing we see is directed toward consumers. Yet, much of the money spent around the world is for products and services purchased by businesses. For a very long time, business-to-business transactions made up the lion's share of Internet purchases.

Consumers don't necessarily NEED your product or service. If money is tight or the customer isn't convinced they need it, the consumer can just as easily wait until next month or next year to make the purchase.

Businesses often NEED what you are selling right now. Their immediate profits may depend on having it.

Businesses buyers are more knowledgeable. You will often be selling to a manager or specialist who knows your industry inside and out.

Consumers are in a hurry and aren't always interested in reading long marketing copy. Business buyers generally appreciate all the information you can give them. Long copy is no problem.

Kevin Nunley provides marketing and copy writing. Read all his free tips at Reach Kevin at or (801)328-9006.

Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice and copy writing for businesses and organizations. Read all his money-saving marketing tips at Reach him at or 603-249-9519.