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Wordtracker will help you find the right keywords to improve your search engine ranking and increase web site traffic.

Find the best keywords for your web site.


Provides a database of search terms from various metacrawlers on the Internet. By entering specific keywords, you can learn how often people search for those keywords and how many competing web sites use those keywords.

Membership Benefits:

  • Lateral Search of Related Terms - Enter a generic term to describe your business and get 300 related words.
  • Number of Keywords Per Search - Learn the popularity of your chosen keywords.
  • Advanced Search Types - Compressed, Comprehensive, Simple, Exact, and Precise options.
  • Misspellings - Find out how many people misspelled your chosen words.
  • Multiple Search Techniques - Learn a number of different ways to search the keyword database.
  • Spotting Your Niche - Find the most popular keywords with the least number of competing web pages.
  • Multiple Projects - Work simultaneously on different projects without losing any work.
  • Competition - Check competitive bids from several Pay Per Click (PPC) search networks.
  • Quick Search - Find many keywords in a short span of time.
  • Top Keyword Reports - View a list of the 1,000 top keyword phrases by Long Term (the most popular phrases out of over 300 million searches) or Short Term (the most popular phrases over the last 48 hours).