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The eNetSC eZine

July 2007 Edition

The eNetSC eZine

Welcome to the eNetSC eZine.

The eNetSC eZine is a free online newsletter provided by the web site with hints, tips, and information on Internet products and resources.

The eNetSC eZine
Sandra Wenzel, Editor

Hints & Tips

Are you seeking resources to assist you in improving or enhancing your small business?

Learn about Microsoft Small Business Resourcest that are helping small business owners succeed in a competitive business environment. You will find helpful advice, products, tools, and other information especially tailored for your small business needs.

Site of the Month - The best place to go if you are searching the Internet for office products, computers, software, books, newspapers, magazines, electronics, music, and gifts at affordable prices.


Use AltaVista, the premier knowledge resource on the Internet, to search the web. Search the index or search for web pages, images, audio, video, and news.

Computer Books

Learn about the Internet resources for purchasing Computer Books. Find a wide selection of computer books to help you increase your technology expertise.

Banner Exchange

Learn how to reach new customers and target your advertising by joining a Banner Exchange program.

Resume Creation

Learn how to create your own professional resume with an article on Resume Creation. Read about three steps to follow in creating a resume.