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The eNetSC eZine

October 2007 Edition

The eNetSC eZine

Welcome to the eNetSC eZine.

The eNetSC eZine is a free online newsletter provided by the web site with hints, tips, and information on Internet products and resources.

The eNetSC eZine
Sandra Wenzel, Editor

Hints & Tips

Are you seeking a job change or career advancement?

Enhance your career opportunities by getting trained as an Information Technology (IT) professional and stay competitive by expanding your technical knowledge and skills.

The Training & Education resources available for IT professionals will keep you competitive in today's changing business environment.

Site of the Month

HP Home & Home Office Store - Visit this one-stop shop for Hewlett Packard products to find the right products for all your computing needs!

Daily Positive Quote

Read a Daily Positive Quote to receive daily inspiration and motivation from positive quotations and thoughts.

Entrepreneur Resources

Find a helpful collection of Entrepreneur Resources, news, information, and advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs.


Transform your current skills into a meaningful career by adding IT Certification to your resume.

Resume Editing

Do you need help in writing your resume? Read a very helpful article on Resume Editing to learn how to edit your resume to clearly state your professional goals and objectives for a new job or career change.