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The eNetSC eZine

July 2009 Edition

The eNetSC eZine

Welcome to the eNetSC eZine.

The eNetSC eZine is a free online newsletter provided by the web site with hints, tips, and information on Internet products and resources.

The eNetSC eZine
Sandra Wenzel, Editor

Hints & Tips

Are you seeking new ways to market your small business web site on the Internet?

Use business blogs to communicate company news and provide information on areas of interest to your customers.

Read an interesting article on Marketing Blogs to learn how to increase your online exposure and market your company with helpful content.

Site of the Month - Get great deals on networking equipment for nerds and geeks, including laptops, handhelds, servers, computers, software, cables, memory cards, monitors, scanners, printers, projectors, storage devices, and peripherals.

Free Stock Ticker

Get a Free Stock Ticker for your desktop! Download and customize a free stock ticker from the free resources available on the Internet.

Translation Resources

Find a variety of Translation Resources to assist you in translating web pages and text.

Training and Education

Training and Education resources are available to help Information Technology professionals remain competitive in changing business environments.

Resume Editing

Do you need help in writing a resume? Read a very helpful article on Resume Editing to learn how to clearly state your goals and objectives for a new job or career change.